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Online Casino Growth Drives Blackjack’s Popularity

The global online casino industry is undergoing a decade of strong, consistent growth, and that’s great news for blackjack players.

Since 2013, industry analysts say the online gambling industry has grown by a consistent 11 percent every year. That growth rate should continue through at least 2020, online gambling industry experts say.

That’s great news for blackjack players, because blackjack remains one of the most popular and important casino card games on the planet — and on the Internet. Blackjack offers the lowest house advantage of any card game, with simple rules.

All you have to do to win at blackjack is get the closest to 21 without going over, while beating the dealer’s hand. Blackjack even has advanced plays and strategies that true professionals can use, like splitting cards, doubling down and surrendering.

Players Improve with Free Resources

The Internet enables players to do more than gamble online while playing blackjack. Players also can use free resources like and other websites to learn more about the online blackjack game, advanced plays and how to win more often.

The online revolution makes it possible to play free blackjack, while learning and practicing advanced plays and strategies. You even can practice card-counting, if you like, as it is legal.

Casinos, however, discourage card-counting by banning players they suspect of using it. Casinos also take steps to thwart card-counting, like using multiple decks.

Yet, some will let players choose blackjack games with single decks and use card-counting to try to create an advantage other players do not possess.

Find Bonuses for Free Chances to Win Cash

Because the online casino industry is growing fast, many online casinos will offer special rewards and incentives for players to gamble with them. Many will offer free plays, no-deposit bonuses and deposit multipliers, among other casino bonuses, to get you to play at their gambling websites.

That’s fantastic for blackjack players, because you can use those free plays and credits to grow your bankroll and play with house money. Many casinos limit how you can use any gambling bonuses they might offer, such as requiring a minimum amount wagered before you can withdraw winnings.

Yet, they still give a legitimate chance to win truly free money by gambling with casino credits instead of your own cash. Some might require a small deposit, which the casino will multiply by doubling the amount or more, so that you can gamble more and get better acquainted with a particular casino.

When you practice and perfect your blackjack game at free websites, those casino bonuses can turn into truly free cash with smart play and some good luck on your side.